Bye-bye Chicken Fry

It was a sad day last Wednesday as we had to say good-bye to one of our girls. She had me confused from the day we brought her home. I have to admit, being that these are our first hens I was so caught up in the cuteness of it I didn’t really pay attention to what each chicks’ breed was. I did know that we bought 4 different breeds from the feed store, all sexed to 90% accuracy. We should have gotten a gold sex link, a silver duckwing leghorn, a cuckoo marans and a plymouth rock. The sex link was obvious, as was the silver leghorn. Even as chicks they’re easily identified. The cuckoo marans and plymouth rock actually  look almost identical (to a novice like me). I did not know that. As they grew I could tell one was getting a comb much quicker than the rest. Not a good sign. They change daily when they’re chicks and this one I just couldn’t identify. She wasn’t a marans or a plymouth rock. She didn’t look like a silver leghorn pullet…and then it hit me, she wasn’t a leghorn pullet…she was a leghorn cockerel. Crap, she’s a he! He had to go. We aren’t even supposed to have hens! If he started crowing it would be all over for the entire flock! So we brought him to a local feed store and they adopted him out in no time. He was a nice looking bird w/ a great personality. So here’s to Chicken Fry, it was nice while it lasted! As a side note, the day after we got rid of him I heard a rooster crowing to beat all. Turns out two houses down from us they have chickens too…and 1 big, loud rooster!

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