A finished, underground chicken coop

Here it is friends! In all it’s glory. The finished product, a hidden coop. The house hides most of it. Landscaping, that we planted long before we wanted chickens, covers both sides. The back is for now, open to the back neighbor. In time, landscaping will help hide it. We could put up a privacy fence if we need to, but that’s expensive and I’m not doing it yet. The “bench” is actually a run from the coop area to their ranging area. Simple chicken wire fences them in and netting on top ensures they won’t fly out and nothing will fly in! The girls are about 10 weeks old now. This gives them about 2 months to get fat and happy for egg laying!


Bye-bye Chicken Fry

It was a sad day last Wednesday as we had to say good-bye to one of our girls. She had me confused from the day we brought her home. I have to admit, being that these are our first hens I was so caught up in the cuteness of it I didn’t really pay attention to what each chicks’ breed was. I did know that we bought 4 different breeds from the feed store, all sexed to 90% accuracy. We should have gotten a gold sex link, a silver duckwing leghorn, a cuckoo marans and a plymouth rock. The sex link was obvious, as was the silver leghorn. Even as chicks they’re easily identified. The cuckoo marans and plymouth rock actually ¬†look almost identical (to a novice like me). I did not know that. As they grew I could tell one was getting a comb much quicker than the rest. Not a good sign. They change daily when they’re chicks and this one I just couldn’t identify. She wasn’t a marans or a plymouth rock. She didn’t look like a silver leghorn pullet…and then it hit me, she wasn’t a leghorn pullet…she was a leghorn cockerel. Crap, she’s a he! He had to go. We aren’t even supposed to have hens! If he started crowing it would be all over for the entire flock! So we brought him to a local feed store and they adopted him out in no time. He was a nice looking bird w/ a great personality. So here’s to Chicken Fry, it was nice while it lasted! As a side note, the day after we got rid of him I heard a rooster crowing to beat all. Turns out two houses down from us they have chickens too…and 1 big, loud rooster!