6 Weeks In…

This is a small coop for just 4 hens. The coop itself is no bigger than a doghouse. It has 2 roosts inside and an egg box. While they’re still pullets there’s plenty of room to roam. Today we did a cleaning, added soil because they do scratch the dirt away from the corners. When we finished we threw in a piece of sod for good measure, they love it! We use pine shavings under the coop for odor control and it gives them something to scratch in. Powdered it all w/ DE before I let them back in.

The hedge view is approaching the coop from the yard. We use our natural landscaping to conceal it. You can’t see or hear the girls until you get to the entrance to the garden. Even then, it’s just quiet chirping. The bottom line is the only way anyone would know we actually have chickens is if they saw them. You can’t smell them, you can’t hear them. If you were to walk directly up to the coop to  see them, well you’d hear them chirp. They smell like pine chips. While we cleaned the coop today what we heard were wild birds and neighborhood dogs. Please take the “they smell and they’re noisey” rant and forget it. It’s a non issue w/ 4 hens.

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  1. ohioprepper

     /  April 5, 2012

    Reblogged this on Ohio Prepper's Blog and commented:
    Next on the list of projects!

  2. ohioprepper

     /  April 5, 2012

    We just recently purchased 4 golden comet chics and have been scouring the net for a perfect coop, and this one looks great! Did you build or buy?

  3. Thank you, we’re very happy with it.
    This is a New Age Eco concepts coop. Bought it off of ebay, new in the box. What we were looking for in a coop was 1) it had to look as much like a doghouse as possible, but I didn’t want to actually convert one 2) needed to withstand the harsh Florida heat and rains and 3) price. This cost about $300. It was very easy to put together. Because we’re hiding it, I didn’t really want my husband to have a huge construction project that would attract attention. He built a platform for it and added some vent holes. The run was modified, as the one it came with was too small. In all, we’re several weeks in and have no problems with it.
    I think with any coop, purchased pre-fab or built from scratch, you have to keep in mind you may have to modify it as you go. Once you move the girls in and they get established you’ll be able to see what works and what doesn’t. Good luck w/ your golden comets! We have 1 golden sex link, which is close if not the same thing!


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