Bringing home the chicks

We finally got our chicks! There’s a wonderful feed store about 45 miles from here…remember chickens aren’t allowed in our city therefore we have to travel a bit to get them! We set up the brooder the night before. It’s very basic, a large rubbermaid container, heat lamp, some pvc for the stand, bedding feeder and waterer. The girls took to the water right away. I gently touched each chicks beak to the water and they immediately started drinking. They found the food on their own! Now it’s just a matter of keeping them happy and healthy. They change daily. At first I though 2 of them were the same breed but not so sure now. The feed store had silver leghorns, marans, Plymouth rocks and gold sex links. I believe we got one of each. Eventually, we’ll find out exactly who’s who, just need a little time.

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