Feathering Out

This is what they look like at 2 weeks…

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In order of appearance and @ 2 pics each we have Vanilla, golden sex link, Chicken Fry, silver leghorn, Poppy, Cuckoo Maran and Lola, Partridge Plymouth Rock. The girls are still in the brooder at night, but the days are easy here so they’re in the coop from about 11 a.m to about 4 p.m. We’ll get some shots of them in the coop over the weekend.


Bringing home the chicks

We finally got our chicks! There’s a wonderful feed store about 45 miles from here…remember chickens aren’t allowed in our city therefore we have to travel a bit to get them! We set up the brooder the night before. It’s very basic, a large rubbermaid container, heat lamp, some pvc for the stand, bedding feeder and waterer. The girls took to the water right away. I gently touched each chicks beak to the water and they immediately started drinking. They found the food on their own! Now it’s just a matter of keeping them happy and healthy. They change daily. At first I though 2 of them were the same breed but not so sure now. The feed store had silver leghorns, marans, Plymouth rocks and gold sex links. I believe we got one of each. Eventually, we’ll find out exactly who’s who, just need a little time.

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