Review on the eco-concepts coop

The reviews on this coop are mixed. While the  material it’s made of is just fine, sturdy, resistant to weather issues and termites the run was not so great. In his typical carpenter ways, my husband is currently in the process of building our own run. The one that came with it is just too small. Way to small and we only want 4 hens max. Inside the coop leaves just enough room for them to sleep, but I see us adding another nesting box in the future. For those who want to open the box, assemble and be ready to go I don’t think this is for you. If you don’t mind doing a little customizing, it’s just fine. In fact, I really love it. We’ll be putting in an automatic watering system later. My husband also built a platform for the coop so the hens can roam under it, in the shade. So far it’s exactly what we wanted, small, subtle and not obvious that there are chickens around. The aviary is being built as I type, by next weekend I’ll post those pics. I’d give this coop 3 out of 5 stars. The reason being the run was so small and there were broken hinges on 1 door, though no biggie to fix for some people it makes things difficult. For what we need it’s just perfect!

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