Government has a history of backing the urban chicken movement…

Yes, it’s true. During hard times our government has come forth and supported the backyard chicken movement. Why? Well…in hard economic times it’s a blessing to be able to go to your backyard and pick up breakfast. Maybe even dinner. Self sustainability relieves the government, at least to a small extent, of caring for those who can’t afford even food at times. Hens are fairly easy to care for. Even in the worst of times they can free range to find enough food to live off of. More importantly though there is the issue of property rights. 4 hens take up very little room. I see no reason for a local government to flat out ban hens in any city. Ignorance and fear are at the root of those regulations. I happen to know that my family is quite capable of caring for a few backyard hens with less effort than it takes to care for our 2 caged cockatiels! So in hard times, our nation has a history of supporting backyard hens. After the worst economic recession since the great depression, you’d think this was just a no brainer for local government. Or not……

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